About Us

       Beard Bandit Essentials is an idea brought together by two old college roommates, Christos and Ian. We had always been trying to find a way to work on a project together. First failed project was to conquer the universe but that was a little bit hard, as we were two billion out of budget. The inspiration of creating BBE was conceived when both of us had beards. We decided to work on a project that would steal the hearts and minds of  all the beards. A beard oil so unique that even the twelve gods of Olympus would use it. You might wonder, what’s so unique? One thing that we decided when we started was we had to use the finest ingredients available while maintaining the desired effect, and to create a product we ourselves can be proud of and would use daily. After months of trial and error we have come to the point where we feel we are ready to share our creation with you.